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Social Media Marketing (monthly )

Social Media Marketing (monthly )


  - Brand awareness, engagement, and business growth are our focus.

 Key Points

     - Brand Awareness:

    - Builds recognition and trust through consistent branding.

    - Involves marketing to reach a wider audience.

    - Attracts and retains customers.

  - Drive Customer Engagement:

    - Involves active involvement with the brand.

    - Leads to loyalty and repeat business.

     - Ultimately Grow the Business:

    - Means expanding, diversifying, and optimizing.

    - Results in increased market share and profitability.


     - Social Media Marketing:

    - Boosts brand awareness and engagement.

    - Includes account maintenance and influencer collaboration.

    - Google Profile Optimization:

    - Improves online visibility and encourages reviews.

     - Reputation Management:

     - Monitors and manages online reputation.

      - Content Creation:

      - Creates static content.

- Additional Services (Additional Cost):

  - PR/Influencer Marketing.

   - Paid Promotions.

   -  Create engaging Video content

   - Event Management (Additional Cost)

    - Comprehensive planning and execution of events.


   - One-Time Setup Cost: $350.

  - Monthly Maintenance Package Fee: $750.

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