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Empowered Women, Empower Women

The Ambassador Experience is an additional $50 to your annual Membership & allows you to:

  • Gain free & 1×1 access to HPW  partnered and hosted events

  • Get a swag bag from all events

  • Get an official ‘HPWAmbassador’ Name Badge and All-Access Badge for you and a friend!

  • Obtain a personalized coupon code for products, accessories & giveaways

  • Obtain a personalized promo code of 20% Off for your circle of influence at events

  • Receive monthly shout outs and mentions on social media

  • Receive more attendance at your sponsored or hosted events by guaranteeing an HPW member at your event

  • Earn 10% commission you acquire for new memberships is paid in full

  • Earn 2% commission on any event sponsorship

  • Earn 2% commission you acquire for new memberships when paid monthly

  • HPW dedicated landing page that spotlights YOU and your many hats!

  • Access to media and free advertising of products

Ambassador Goals:

  • Host a Monthly Meetup! Our Ambassadors have fun Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, and Dinners scheduled for New, Active & Prospective Members! We have learning #PowerHours and Lunch & Learns to help expand skills.

  • Contribute to the Monthly Newsletter! That’s right, we have a monthly publication from all our SisterCity Initiatives that can help connect you to all Members! By contributing, your product, brand, and service are spotlighted!

  • Become More Visible to Gain Followers & Fans! Appear on Woman of the Week, Virtual Member Mentors, Flight 2461 Panelist, FireSide Chat, e-Learning, Master Classes, Speaker Series, SPARKS (Students Promoting Action, Responsibility, and Knowledge)!

  • Become Involved in a Social Responsibility Initiative: Use your earned commission to support a local non-profit or community effort. Think about it, if you met your Ambassador goal, you have $750 you can put towards improving the community by selecting one of our Partner Non-Profits & Outreach Projects that have passed through our verification process.

  •  Read, Like, Share articles and postings! We post 10 – 20x a week! There is a lot to communicate and you’re required to SHARE SHARE SHARE and TAG TAG TAG by using keywords:
    #DPW #HPW #DallasProfessionalWomen #WomenInAction  #DPWYPs #DPWYLs
    #MealPort #WW #LadyPros #AllInThisTogether #MakeADifference #SupportLocal #WomenSupportingWomen #WomanOfTheWeek #WOTW #BeTheChange

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