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Grow with Houston Professional Women

A network of Women Professionals, Executives, Young Professionals & Youth Leaders that are committed to growing, celebrating and improving all communities


Our Story


Welcome to HPW & DPW! We are a group of professionals dedicated to promoting, celebrating, and empowering all professionals Especially women. Our members come from all industries and backgrounds, but we are united by our commitment to connect and collaborate with other professionals & Entrepreneurs.

We believe that by working together we can achieve more than we could ever achieve on our own. Our platform provides opportunities for networking and business referrals, as well as friendships and support.

If you are looking for a group of like-minded women who wear many hats, then please join us! We would love to have you as part of our community. Thank you for your interest in HPW & DPW!



Generate Business Leads

When HPWO was founded, the founders had a clear vision in mind: to provide a platform for women in business and professional careers to connect, advance, and empower one another. And they’ve succeeded – HPWO has become a thriving community of professionals from all backgrounds and occupations.

In today’s economy, it can be tough to get ahead without strong connections. That’s where HPWO comes in – our members are connected to each other and to opportunities that can help them grow their businesses. Whether you’re looking for advice from your peers or leads on potential clients, HPWO is the place to be.

So if you’re looking for a way to


Helping our Youth

HPWO is committed to empowering emerging youth leaders in our community. Our professional and business internship opportunities give them the chance follow their passions, ambitions or any other interest they may have without fear of being judged on it! We also provide networking events for your future success where you can meet people who will be able guide not only yourself but others around town too- creating that perfect support system while still being open minded enough about what could happen next
We believe every individual should take time out from everyday life sometimes; this allows one's self confidence grow along with


Networking & Business Education

HPWO provides the women and youth of Houston with an opportunity to connect, build relationships in their communities as well as learn about business management. HPW offers networking events for professionals that are tailored towards helping people grow both personally and professionally through developing new skills or just having some fun!

Our Leadership Team

We're a Group of Women, Committed to Empowering All Women


Amber Jamshed

Director / Founder


Board Member


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